All You Need To Know About Online Slots

Today, online slots account for at least 70% of casino games, both online and offline. Their popularity is partly due to ease of play, though a strategy may work, they are mostly based on luck, as well as the high rate of returns. They have a very high payout ratio with some slot machines at empire777 paying between 100x to 10,000x the bet line and due to the low stake requirement, they attract millions of people annually.

How slot machines operate

Unlike the traditional slot machines which were powered by some electro mechanical forces, the current slots whether online or offline are controlled by a software referred as the Random Number Generator. It’s this software that determines the symbol that will appear on the reel at the completion of the spin. Due to this, the accuracy of the process is reliable and to ensure fairness, the software is tested and maintained by the regulatory and licensing agencies and other independent experts.

Where to play online slots

There are several websites like from where you can play online slots. However, not all these websites are suitable; some have limited number of slots, others do not guarantee payout after winning while others are non-reputable. You therefore must find a trustworthy website for a better experience.

Stakes and winnings

There are set limits when it comes to stake. However, it depends on the type of online slot you are interested in. For winnings, some websites have a limit for the maximum amount you can win. However, at empire777, there is no such limit on winnings. In fact, people have won millions in a single spin especially in the progressive jackpots. But to benefit more from the online slots, always remain disciplined.

Types of online slots

There are numerous type of online slots and some firms provides more than others. At empire777, the various type of online slots available include;

Video slots

The video slot has 5 or more reels. They have great themes that are accompanied by audio and visual effects. They usually have pick objects and free games appearing quite often.

Progressive slots

They have progressive odds and usually come with huge winnings. Payout ratio is also not fixed and keeps raising after each bet. However, to win the jackpot, you must hit through a combination of symbols during either the random or bonus round.

Branded slots

This is a relatively new trend and can only be found in fewer websites. In its desire to offer an amazing experience to gamers, Empire777 website has obtained authority and license to use the original content and provide the branded slots. Some of their current slots are based on television series, movies, sport celebrities, popular games and rock bands.