Busting The Top Poker Myths

In every industry, they are myths are surrounding the industry. You could think that it would not be possible especially due the easy access to information. The same case does apply to play poker online. In this article, we shall try to burst some of the myths surrounding playing poker online. So that the next time you play poker88, you have the right information.

  • Myth 1: Being a Professional Poker Player is easy.
  • Myth 2 Poker is more of luck
  • Myth 3: Online casinos are rigged

Chances are you have watched movies depicting the lives of professional poker players. Poker players living in big houses and having parties daily

Some believe professional poker players do not shed a sweat, and they do the entirety of that playing a game situated in their home or venturing to the far corners of the planet

The truth, be that as it may, is very extraordinary. Playing poker professionally surely has its advantages, for example, a specific level of opportunity when arranging your time, apparently great alternatives to propel your vocation, and a significant payday on the off chance that you are acceptable at the game.

The truth about playing poker professionally is that it is difficult. Most professional poker players devote several hours for considering and investigating their play to reach in any event moderate achievement. Along these lines, they need an incredible level of order to do the entirety of this and acquire enough cash to cover costs before the next payday.In short, being a professional poker is hard. Like any profession, they are good days and bad days. How well you manage them is what sets you apart.

For years people have believed that playing poker online is a game of chance. Some go to the extent of saying that if an individual wins, it was because lady luck was on his side. However, that is far fetched as poker is more of skills than chance. While chance can come in play in some games, you need to be skillful to be able to win. To be more clear poker is 90% skills and 10% luck

You have probably heard people saying you cannot win big, especially while playing poker online. These are sentiments of bitter losers. Online casinos have to be licensed to operate. A licensed online casino comes with an RNG. For any online casino to be in operation, it must have an RNG that randomly generates the cards. Failure to have RNG means a suspension of the casino.

Myth 4: You must be a Maths Genius to win big

If you have watched the movie 21 by Kevin Spacey, you could see how maths genius exploited the poker scene to gain big. So can a regular Joe win big while online poker? The answer is profound, yes. All the maths you need while playing poker online is the odds calculation, folding and calling and wagering amounts. This is basic maths which any gambler can understand.